In the world of MajiMonsters, magic itself is woven from distinct affinities, inherent elements of power that give magic its shape and nature. Several distinct affinities exist, and long ago the brotherhoods of the maji were well-trained in the art of tapping into each one. Any maji of notability could harness an affinity to produce the magical effect they desired, and it was this skill that led to the creation of the very first MajiMonsters.

Using a variety of beasts from common house cats to caged bears the maji gathered to weave the power of an affinity into each one, creating a hybrid of life and magic capable of utilizing affinities with ruthless efficiency. They named their creations, dragons, and sought to rule over them as they ruled over men. It wasn’t until their dragons turned against them that they realized the cost of their actions.

Every MajiMonster has at least one affinity. A MajiMonster’s affinity affects its appearance, personality, and combat techniques. In addition, each combat technique also has an affinity, regardless of how seemingly mundane it may appear. When a Monster uses a techniques it shares an affinity with, the attack becomes synergistically stronger. When a Monster is affected by an opponent’s technique, the effect is strengthened or weakened depending upon how the technique’s affinity resolves against its target.

Described below are the ten affinities most commonly encountered in the world of MajiMonsters.

Basic Banner

The Basic affinity is the foundation of all other affinities.  It binds them all as one magical force but lacks any specific characteristic. It emphasizes physical strength and skill, simplicity over showiness, utility over power. Combat techniques deriving from this source are commonly physical attacks or enhancements, as the affinity strives for efficacy before all else. MajiMonsters with the Basic affinity most resemble their bestial counterparts, and can even be mistaken for common animals and objects by witless adventurers. However, once provoked to combat, the difference is clear.

Earth Banner

The Earth affinity holds dominion over stone and soil. It is as patient and stoic as solid ground. This affinity prioritizes endurance, patience, and resilience.  In principle, those of the Earth affinity try neither to impose change nor accept it; however, they can pack a rock hard punch when necessary. Earth combat techniques can cause the ground to tremble or rocks to rain from the sky. An Earth affinity MajiMonster is typically slower and bulkier than others, but it is also well defended from most forms of attacks. 

Fire Banner

The Fire affinity is the domain of all fire and flame. It burns swiftly and intensely, consuming all in its path. Fire combat techniques often leave the ground ablaze and their victims severely burned. Because of the destructive power wrought by fire, wild MajiMonsters of this affinity are especially feared. Fire affinity Monsters often radiate heat and can withstand sweltering temperatures. They are tenacious opponents capable of unleashing fiery massacres in their wake.

Fury Banner

The Fury affinity is rage made manifest. It taps the considerable power of aggression. This affinity feeds on rage, passion, and emotion, and places triumph first, often without regarding to personal harm. Fury combat techniques are exploits of physical strength and raw power, capable of massive damage.  However, it also leaves its user vulnerable or suffering from its recoil. A Fury affinity MajiMonster often appears feral, attacking fiercely and unpredictably.

Ice Banner

 The Ice affinity embraces the frigid powers of cold, snow, and ice. Its character is one of preservation and slow progress. Ice combat techniques can call forth winter at a whim, blanketing the ground in snow and freezing opponents where they stand. Ice affinity MajiMonsters are a mixed lot, but wherever they go they are capable of bringing the arctic with them.   

Lightning Banner

The Lightning affinity holds control over all electrical power, as well as the disruptive, thunderous power of sound. Energy-charged, the affinity never sacrifices speed for power, but instead relies on haste and momentum. Lightning combat techniques commonly manifest electricity to strike down foes, and targets often find themselves paralyzed if they survive. Lightning affinity Monsters are among the fastest of all MajiMonsters, often giving off random sparks of static energy as they speed past.

Mystic Banner

The Mystic affinity taps into the power of the arcane.  It is capable of a variety of supernatural effects. It is slow and calculating, often depending on strategy over brute force. Techniques of this affinity capitalize on magical talent, providing ways to both augment their friends and cripple their foes.  Mystic affinity MajiMonsters are quite diverse, but many sport some uncanny anomaly, such as glowing eyes or patterned runes.

Verdant Banner

The Verdant affinity controls plants and trees, promoting life, growth, and expansion. This affinity can heal and bolster those that call upon it more efficiently than any other. Verdant combat techniques call forth roots and vines from the soil to entangle and restrict foes, and can summon razor sharp leaves or mighty limbs of wood to batter them. Monsters of this affinity often resemble natural flora, covered with moss or bark or leaves.

Water Banner

All water is the domain of the Water affinity. As water itself seeks balance, the Water affinity’s techniques are balanced between physical and magical attacks, offense and defense, speed and stamina. These techniques can cause tides and whirlpools in great bodies of water, or summon forth geysers from the ground or sky. Monsters of this affinity are natural swimmers, often able to live completely submerged for long periods of time.

Wind Banner

The Wind affinity harnesses the open power of the atmosphere and the turbulent effects of wind and weather.  This affinity demands freedom and hates confinement. Thus, Wind combat techniques tend to emphasize speed and mobility. MajiMonsters of the Wind affinity can also shape the wind from small gales to violent tornadoes.  Wind affinity Monsters are often nimble and evasive, able to escape anything that cannot trap them—gliding, floating, or flying from threats.