Since the first dark days when MajiMonsters were introduced into the world, humanity has receded to towns and keeps, seeking safety in numbers and behind strong walls.  The roads of the Old Empire that used to connect the world are not safe for common travel, frequently ravaged by wild Monsters and harboring outlaws bold enough to traverse them.  Those few who leave the safety of a city’s walls to adventure into the forgotten parts of the world must do so properly equipped—with the aid of a companion Monster to protect them.

Binders fear little in the
company of their MajiMonsters.

In the world of MajiMonsters, heroes have the ability to magically bind Monsters to their service, capturing them in arcane gems called drajules.  These heroes are referred to as binders, and the ability to bind a Monster is both revered and feared among the masses.  Binders can easily be heroes of the people, using bound MajiMonsters to protect those in need.  However, some binders use the strength of their creatures to extort, murder, and devastate.  As a result, binders are often regarded with more suspicion than prestige.  Many refer to binders as wranglers or jewelfists and other scornful names that emphasize their disdain and mistrust for those who would associate with Monsters.

A MajiMonsters player assumes the role of one of six binder classes in the game.  While characters are largely defined by the Monsters they bring into their service, each class brings unique talents to the table to customize their play styles.  In addition to choosing a binder class, a variety of factors come into play during character creation.  Players must choose backgrounds, driving forces that explain how and why they ended up where they are.  Binders also have a pool of attributes, skills and traits that measure their prowess.  Finally, binders must select merits, features that alter their abilities or give them entirely new ones.

Two players with characters of the same class can be completely unique, as the MajiMonsters they bind, backgrounds they choose, attributes they increase, and merits they select will shape them!

[Please note, due to changes to game after playtesting and development, the information presented here may not reflect the finalize features in the rulebook. For a more thorough preview, click here]. 

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