Unscrupulous and Unwavering

The relationship between binder and MajiMonster is hard to describe, often varying with each individual basis. Once bound to a drajule, a MajiMonster’s role of serving its binder might be described as tenuous at best, usually beginning as a terse servant but capable of deepening to the truest of friendships. The most successful binders, and indeed those that have survived the longest, find a way to reach this level of friendship with their Monsters.

For most, this process can take years. For the alchemists, it begins at the MajiMonster’s birth.

In order to reclaim the empire, magic was reinstated and the binding process of drajules was perfected in an effort to catch MajiMonsters. The job of being a binder was deigned both glorious and dangerous- but where some saw awful circumstance, others saw opportunity.

Scholars that studied the MajiMonsters saw, over the years, new breeds of Monsters, much like natural animals and beasts given the course of time. They discovered MajiMonsters could be bred and, given the right direction, could be bred to great potential. Their methods were met with scorn, but for an empire in need of weapons, they were given way to practice their craft.

An alchemist’s bred MajiMonster serves with fierce loyalty.

Their resulting breeds provided promising offspring. They discovered which types of MajiMonsters were compatible, manipulated the best traits and abilities to pass from generation to generation, and produced Monsters capable of feats previously thought impossible by their kind. Most curiously, they discovered MajiMonsters bred in this manner took naturally to the breeder, and served them with a loyalty instilled from birth.

Over time, a prolific amount of breeders had found themselves naturally serving as a new kind of binder, and the title of the alchemist was given to them.

Alchemist Character Options
Alchemists generally lack the field training most other binders receive to be a menacing force at catching or battling MajiMonsters. Their true talent lies in breeding and developing unique MajiMonsters, making them a dynamic and unpredictable foe. Below are just a few of the class features and merits available to this binder class.

Born Loyalty – Unlike each other binder, the alchemist’s starting MajiMonster is considered to be bred by her instead of captured. Bred monsters are bound to drajules since birth, but behave more domesticated and serve with unfaltering loyalty.

 Alchemy – While being able to breed MajiMonsters is a talent in and of itself, an alchemist can procure and concoct potions and elixirs that are sure to produce an offspring of great talent. When breeding, alchemists devise how they wish traits or abilities to pass from parents to offspring, even capable of passing down techniques not normally capable by a species, or mutating the offspring entirely.

Brood Learning – Young MajiMonsters bred by alchemists often find themselves looking up to the more experienced or advanced MajiMonsters under her service. Under the alchemist’s tutelage, however, young Monsters grow and learn with horrific efficiency, catching up to their older companions incredibly quickly.

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