Attuned to Magic

The vast brotherhoods of maji—once so prolific in the old empire—were broken and lost to history after they unleashed MajiMonsters into the world. The magic they taught within their academies was banned for the part it played in the unleashing of the Monsters, their scrolls and tomes burned lest they tempt others to perform such travesties again. In the centuries that followed, a great deal of knowledge was lost.

But magic endured.

The creation of MajiMonsters had, for the first time, tied the magical affinities of the universe to living creatures, rewriting the cosmic boundaries that had once defined the landscape of the arcane. Ever since, it was not uncommon for humans to be born touched by one or more these affinities, a drop of magic present within them since birth.

Named concordants because of their connection to the affinities, these individuals would go on to lead erratic lives, feared or loved, as the depths of their power wavered with their freedom to explore it. A fire concordant terrified of the possibilities of her own power might merely watch torches flicker in her presence, while an ice concordant who embraced his power might bury in snow the town that once exiled him.

An ice concordant makes for a chilling foe.

Regardless of how they approach their gifts, the talents of concordants were outlawed in the dark times between the old and new empires. Concordants often lived secret lives, running and hiding when their talents were revealed. But with the crafting the first drajules making the binding of MajiMonsters possible, a new opportunity for mankind presented itself. Suddenly, the art of magic was a tool of salvation, no longer ostracized for its former sins but praised for its potential. And with the lift of the magic ban, concordants found a natural occupation in the world as binders.

Concordant Character Options
Concordants approach the training of MajiMonsters with passionate intuition as opposed to rigorous training. They are best suited to working with Monsters that fall within their affinities, and unmatched when using these techniques. Below are just a few of the class features and merits available to this binder class.

 Attunement – Each binder is touched by one of the affinities that weaves the fabric of magic within the universe. These manifest in physical ways; it is not uncommon to find a mystic concordant with bright purple eyes, an earth concordant with craggy skin, or a lightning concordant with an air of static about him. This connection gives them an intuitive skill as binders when associating with MajiMonsters of the same affinity they’re attuned to. From seeking and binding these Monsters, to utilizing them in combat such pairings rival the skills of the best-trained knights.

 Arcane Resilience – The vulnerability of opposing affinities is well known to binders, and using the right attacks in battle can be the difference between victory and defeat. Concordants can channel an arcane resilience to the MajiMonsters that share their affinity to soften potentially dire blows.

Synergy – The depth of a concordant’s prowess with magic depends on how each seeks to develop it, but every concordant has an innate pool of power welling up inside of him or herself. By dipping into these magical reserves, concordants are capable of bolstering their MajiMonster companions when using techniques of the appropriately attuned affinities.

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