Forged in Battle

Because the drajules that contained MajiMonsters were deemed the weapons of the empire, the first binders were knighted for their service. The new emperor claimed that no weapon was mightier than the ones these brave souls possessed, and no task deadlier than the ones they took upon themselves. Since then, the title of knight is taken by the majority of those that seek to become a binder, needing only the courage and sense of adventure necessary to do so.

Knights are best distinguished from other binders by the deep bonds they create with their MajiMonsters. Some are audacious enough to travel with their Monsters freely about them, away from the confines of its drajule, demonstrating the pride and trust they have with them, while others safeguard or even hide their MajiMonsters with the aid of their mystical gems. All knights must develop true mastery of MajiMonster combat, and are well respected for employing their Monsters efficiently in battle.


A knight with her Thunderhorn companion.

Knight Character Options
Knights are natural leaders and skilled combatants. Below are just a few of the class features and merits available to this binder class.

Battle Bond – As knights battle with their MajiMonsters, they forge a bond between them that is stronger than steel. Monsters that bond with knights trust their binders instantly, and fight with more tenacity and fortitude than those guided by a lesser hand. When knights grow in experience, their bonded Monsters can learn new feats of strength, making them truly exceptional weapons in their hands.

Inspiring Presence – Knights can choose to display trophies from their victories as a measure of their prestige. These badges of honor allow other binders in a knight’s coterie to instruct their own MajiMonsters with the same grace and skill as the knight they adorn.

 Spirit of Victory – Knights battle with perseverance, calling upon all their training and experience to defeat their adversaries. Even when battles are all but lost, knights can use this knowledge to reinvigorate their MajiMonsters and grasp victory. 

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