Rugged Survivalists

The New Empire had glimpsed a glorious new day with the production of drajules used to capture and bind MajiMonsters. However, educating would-be binders to this process proved only a half measure, as contending with the wild ruins of the Old Empire and actually finding MajiMonsters would present its own set of problems. The empire began formally training rangers on how to live off the land, track down their targets, and eventually how to bind their own MajiMonsters.

Initially employed as escorts, a ranger’s role was to accompany a party of binders until they were savvy enough to make their own way. Rangers were given drajules and taught the binding process only as a precaution—the Empire never asserted their skills would be put to greater use. However, the rank and file rangers quickly evolved, developing their skills as foragers and survivalists and becoming quite accomplished at binding MajiMonsters in their own right, for their own uses.

In fact, rangers soon discovered that they were not only masters of the binding ritual, but that they were better at it than most other binders. Scholars attributed this natural talent to their inherent ability to shut out distractions and focus on the task at hand. Rangers quickly became recognized not only as the best binders in tracking down Monsters, but the go-to for those in need of binding them to drajules.

Rangers enlist the help of their MajiMonsters for more than just battle.

Seasoned and hard as tack, rangers have quickly developed unique identities within the corps of binders. They may be enigmatic, hidden away among the overgrown and expansive ruins of the old empire, or they may work for profit, publicly offering their services in exchange for coin. Some rangers assert themselves as lone wolf vagabonds, accompanied only by their companion MajiMonsters and their wits as they explore lost lands. Others establish a permanent home in the wild, treating other binders either as guests or intruders. A few rangers, however, choose to make their way in the company of other binders, happy to lend their talents for the good of the group.

Regardless of a ranger’s chosen path, their ability to survive the wilderness, track, and bind MajiMonsters is unequaled and highly valued.

Ranger Character Options
Rangers spend the majority of their training learning to adapt to the wild, which leaves little time to focus on the nuances of MajiMonster combat. While they are not combat specialists, they are second to none when it comes to discovering and binding their targets. Below are just a few of the class features and merits available to this binder class.

Expert Tracking – A ranger’s key training and original purpose was to aid binders in finding MajiMonsters in the wild. Today’s line of rangers are masters of the land, able to expertly track both natural beasts and Monsters with relative ease. With skill and patience, rangers can find themselves face to face with even the rarest of quarries, and often the most dangerous.

Focused Binding – Rangers have become extremely accomplished binders, often by necessity. Hardened by years of living off the land, rangers have learned to quietly endure distractions that would provoke or perplex lesser men. Because of this, rangers have evolved to become terrifyingly efficient at binding MajiMonsters to drajules, and their service an invaluable asset to the empire.

Survival – Wild MajiMonsters are not the only thing rangers must contend with while living off the land. Young rangers will soon discover that the natural elements quickly provide their own obstacles. Hostile environments, unruly weather, poisonous flora and fauna, and the need for food, water, and shelter are ever-present. An experienced ranger learns survive and care for fellow adventurers despite these challenges even in the most inhospitable conditions.

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