Masters of Their Craft

None have paid more dearly for the creation of MajiMonsters than the maji themselves. Many maji were slain trying to control the power of the Monsters, and many others simply disappeared when their creations carved their path of destruction. As the Old Empire struggled to fight against the wild forces newly released upon the world, it banned the further use of magic lest humanity wreak further destruction. The orders of the maji fell into disgrace, and surviving maji were shamed, stripped of their honors—their names loathed throughout history.

But while magic can be outlawed and titles can be revoked, no one could ban mankind’s inquisitive nature and desire to learn. Where the maji fell to the ravages of history, the scholars rose to pick up the pieces. The scholars live by the philosophy that the best way to fight an enemy is to know an enemy and, accordingly, these heroes dedicate themselves to learning what they can about MajiMonsters. Indeed, it would be these brave souls that would redeem the folly of the maji.

For if the knights were the first to wield the drajules, it was the scholars that put them in their hands.  Putting to use nearly half a millennia’s worth of arcane research, the scholars were able to perfect the craft botched by the maji, and create the first drajules that would lead to MajiMonster capture.

Today, in enlightened communities, scholars are respected mentors of arcane craft, often serving as councilors and teachers. Many specialize their knowledge, becoming experts in the fields of history, sciences, medicine, lore, and other arts. Through years of rigorous study and experiment, scholars have become accomplished artificers, able to craft drajules and other arcane objects, as well as inscribe glyphs that can alter any Monsters they capture. Although not as hardy as the knights of the realm, their skills often prove scholars to be cunning and unpredictable opponents in battle.

A scholar hard at research with his MajiMonsters

A scholar hard at research with his MajiMonsters

Scholar Character Options
Scholars make up for their weaker battle acumen with utility gained from study. Below are just a few of the class features and merits available to this binder class.

 Field of Research – Scholars that choose to concentrate their studies can become veritable experts in their field of research, allowing them knowledge beyond the ken of most others. Their expertise provides them new and unique uses of skills, making them an invaluable asset to any party of binders.

 Artifice – In a war where the lines are often blurred between enemies and allies, it is up to the scholars to make the weapons. Scholars can learn the fundamental magic necessary to create drajules and other equipment for capturing MajiMonsters. While such craft is not exclusive to the scholar, they are the most prolific, experienced, and dependable artificers across the land.

 Theorycraft – Scholars who study the combat abilities of MajiMonsters can hold their own in battle, but those who unlock the secret of enhancing a Monster’s power can be even more terrifying. Scholars can learn to use Monster attacks in ways no other binder can, tailoring these powers to specific purposes. As a scholar continues to theorycraft, these techniques become even more versatile and deadly.

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