Any Means Necessary

The advent of binders brought forth all manners of people that considered themselves capable of capturing and training MajiMonsters. The new empire was pleased to see their knights and scholars take up these new duties in the name of service, but these patriots were not the only ones to find themselves in the new profession. The allure of drajules, binding MajiMonsters, and wielding their power, attracts all kinds. It wasn’t long before unsanctioned binders were growing in the masses.

All manners of labels were given to a person that sought out to be a binder without the blessing of the empire, but scoundrel was the title that stuck. The empire did its best to keep drajules and secrets of binding to those it trusted, but soon discovered its trust could only go so far. Rogue scholars crafted drajules in secret, or novice binders were robbed of theirs by expert thieves. Regardless of the method, the dawn of binders also brought with it a market for drajules, despite the desire to keep them in capable, carefully selected hands.

The empire viewed scoundrels with disdain, but found enforcing drajule ownership and monster binding impossibly hard to maintain. Drajules spread like wildfire. With the populace disconnected and roads perilous, proper reinforcements could not be sent to distant towns or fiefdoms quickly. And of course, anyone contending with a scoundrel would also risk staring down the MajiMonsters they’ve bound, meaning the only proper enforcers would have to be binders themselves. With no real means to carry out laws against them, no laws came into existence.

A scoundrel has made their own way in life, and their companions share their tenacity.

Of course, those foolhardy enough to attempt to bind a MajiMonster without training experienced a harsh reality. Many would-be binders met their ends at the hands of wild monsters, or came so close to death that they abandoned the endeavor. While this served to naturally filter out those without the talent to use drajules, many scoundrels found themselves more than capable binding monsters. Without official aid or training, scoundrels developed their skill through raw experience, relying on their wits and instincts to prevail by any means necessary.

Today, scoundrels are viewed as a mixed lot. Some have developed a reputation as cheaters and dirty fighters, unable to be trusted and avoided at all costs. Others hold an air of mystery about them, becoming enigmatic vagabonds the roam from one location to the next in search of new MajiMonsters to bind, rivals to challenge, and other tests to their skills. Still others make their own path, serving as vigilantes, mercenaries, or brigands with the aide of their companions.

Scoundrel Character Options
Scoundrels develop sharp instinct and tactics by being thrust into the role of a binder without any proper training. They are always looking for an edge in a situation, and they succeed because they are not afraid or ashamed to capitalize on it when they find it. Below are just a few of the class features and merits available to this binder class.

Any Means Necessary – Early in their career, each binder learns that every advantage must be taken to be successful when handling MajiMonsters. Scoundrels quickly develop a knack with their monsters’ techniques that debilitate opponents with crushing status effects. By focusing on these conditions, a scoundrel can more reliably trigger these crippling techniques.

Disruptive Strike – MajiMonster combat is difficult for any novice binder, and without formal training scoundrels find themselves at a serious disadvantage. The disruptive strike is a powerful skill scoundrels quickly develop to turn the tables back in their favor. By teaching their MajiMonsters to use quick, precise strikes to impede their opponent’s flow of energy, they can stop their opponent from bolstering their attacks and protect their MajiMonsters from being overpowered.

Rapscallion – A scoundrel makes their way on their wits, charisma, and cunning. They may depend on a silver tongue to intimidate or beguile others to get their way, or perhaps their natural dexterity or athleticism to get out of the way of others. Regardless of whether they choose the role of a hero or a brigand, scoundrels have developed these skills that make a hard life a little easier.

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