As the morning sun rises, a young boy watches a herd of wild horses led by a majestic Mosstang run across the plain. As they gallop over the horizon the boy wonders where they are going, and why they need to get there so quickly. Surely nothing can be that important that they need to move so fast? Sighing, he realizes that his day has suddenly become so mundane once again, and returns his focus to his small flock of grazing sheep. Little does he realize that by midday his life will change forever, as one of the newest lambs in the flock is much more than “just another sheep.”

At the same time many miles away, an experienced binder is paging through tome after tome of ancient knowledge in an ancient library. This brave woman has spent the last several days here, devouring the wisdom and research housed within. Sleep is a mystery to this seasoned scholar as the need to decode the old texts takes precedent. Her focus is broken as she hears a loud screech, alerting her that her faithful Steinemaske has found another living creature in these deserted halls. Clutching a drajule tightly in her hand, she makes her way towards the commotion and possibly to battle.

Elsewhere still, trio of men marvel at the spoils of their latest raid. These professional brigands have spent the last several weeks terrorizing the roads between villages, taking all the valuables the caravans seek to move. Suddenly, a young girl appears flanked on all sides by Monsters. Her squat and powerful Wombatant charges with a giant shard of stone roughly the shape of a sword firmly in hand, and all of them feel the entire forest shake as a giant gorilla made entirely of stone crashes through the trees trying to catch up. The girl’s laughter echoes through the forest, as the men run for their lives.

The game of MajiMonsters takes place in a living, vibrant world where the extraordinary can happen anywhere and anytime. The following are just a few of the amazing stories that make up this fantastic setting, but they are by no means the only tales of wonder and excitement.

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