In a role-playing game, your imagination rules!

When you were a kid, did you ever play cops and robbers, aliens versus astronauts, or any other variation of pretend? Then, congratulations, you’ve participated in a role-playing game. What about telling a ghost story from a first-person perspective? Again, role-playing. Acting in a school play? Wearing a Halloween costume? Practicing a sales pitch? All role-playing. In a role-playing game (RPG) you take on another persona. You control what this character says as well as how he or she would react in a tricky situation. Would your character run and hide? Stand and fight? Try to talk their way out of the situation? It’s all up to you. This person can be a lot like you, or absolutely nothing like you, as long as you can imagine what they would do in even the wildest of circumstances.

And it could be wild indeed!

Two rival binders face off with their bound MajiMonsters.

Many RPGs, including MajiMonsters, take place in fantastic settings, filled with wondrous creatures. The people and societies you come in contact with could be completely unfamiliar, or they might remind you of medieval fairytales, science fiction, the Wild West, or ancient Rome. One thing’s for sure: in a role-playing game, you get to go places and do things you’ve never dreamed of.

In MajiMonsters, each player controls their own characters, while one person in your group is designated a special role: the Game Master (sometimes referred to as “GM” for short). This person is responsible for everyone and everything else in the game that are not the players. For instance, there is a famine in the village that causes the characters to seek out help from a neighboring town. On the way, there is a giant monster hiding in the hills that the characters have to battle or trick to survive. But when they get the neighboring town, the characters aren’t allowed past the gates. After the characters decide to sneak into town in the dead of night, what happens next? The Storyteller decides all of this—the famine, the monster, the townsfolk’s actions—and more.

A group of friends gather round the table to play a role-playing game.

Grid mats and character tokens are often used to aid role-playing game adventures.

But how do you know if you beat the monster? If you see the enemy before he’s coming? If you succeed in talking your way out of captivity? To keep the action of a role-playing game fun, challenging, and fair, there are elements of chance and skill that decide your success. MajiMonsters uses a combination of multi-sided dice and your own pre-designated attributes and skills on a character sheet. MajiMonsters also has the added element that your character possesses magical creatures that fight and perform other actions for you. As a player, you get access to the unique abilities and powers of these Monsters, and roll dice on their behalf.


Dice types used in MajiMonsters

It might sound complex, but we assure you that once you start playing Tabletop RPGs, you’ll get hooked. The stories possible in a Tabletop RPG are truly endless, providing hours (and days, and weeks, and months, and years!) of sometimes hilarious, sometimes exciting, and sometimes profound gameplay. The designers of MajiMonsters started playing RPGs in high school and college, and our gameplay forged lifelong friendships as well as legendary stories we recount with laughter, wonder, and pride. Join us, for a world beyond your imagination!