Amphiboil Teaser Header

I’m a fan of Amphiboil, of course! He’s a scoundrel’s best friend, with attacks that can burn and poison. With great Strike and Magic attributes and decent Brawn and Talent, Amphiboil can be built in any direction, and most of this Monster’s techniques have conditional effects they can apply to its target. That gives you a ton of flexibility.

Amphiboil stats

Building this steam-frog is all about making my opponent hindered and unhappy. I like to focus on increasing the odds of triggering effects, and the difficulty of saving throws for my enemy. This forces rival Monsters to deal with Amphiboil’s wide array of techniques, while I can direct it to Leap away to avoid danger. Even at level 2 have a hard time picking a new technique for Amphiboil since all his are so good… perhaps I could improve one of the techniques he already knows? 


I would start combat with a Geyser to push back a foe that is close by into a group if possible. When enough enemies are close I prefer Fire Breath to attack as many as I could, or if I’m only facing one opponent I would use Venomous Bite.

geyser fire breath

My attribute points are going into Magic first, then Strike, to increase my chance to hit. Amphiboil’s balanced attack scores let me keep my options open, and rocking a pair of 5s in each attack attribute by level 7 is serious business!

This means by Grade 2 Amphiboil is a very serious hybrid attacker, with a great utility technique to avoid combat, and a fantastic chance to trigger effects against its opponents. Give me a scoundrel, bind me an Amphiboil, and bring on all challengers!