Since the launch of the MajiMonsters Kickstarter campaign, we’ve been honored to be invited guests and interviewees of all kinds of gaming enthusiasts around the web. We’ve also seen blogs and news sites share our project in assist our effort in getting the word out there. For that, we couldn’t be more grateful. The following articles are a growing list of the attention we’ve received since we introduced MajiMonsters on Kickstarter. They’re also great resource for inside information for the game, allowing you to get inside the minds of the creators!


Terminal Lance Blog Post

When you think “monster catching, tabletop role-playing game,” you probably don’t jump to thinking about the military. However Stewart McLean, one of the minds behind Late Knight Games, is a veteran marine. Our thanks to Max for letting Stew share his story on his blog. Take an opportunity to read the Terminal Lance web comic every Tuesday and Friday, if you get a chance!


Geek Native Article

Andrew over at Geek Native found MajiMonsters online and wrote a spot about it (he’s also a backer, thanks Andrew!) Take a look at his thoughts on the project.

Geek Native Interview

Andrew followed up with Dan from Late Knight Games for some more MajiMonsters information, including our inspiration for the game, our commitment to the community, and our favorite MajiMonsters! Developer’s Q&A Session

Late Knight Games developers Jon, Dan, and Sandi were invited by Dan Davenport and the fine folks over at to answer questions about the game. We went through everything from the campaign system to intricate combat systems, and managed to avoid getting sidetracked on a conversation about Diablo II. You can read the recap on the Hardboiled GMshoe’s Blog.


The Company Bard’s Interview

The Company Bard asked Late Knight Games developer Jon about the process of creating MajiMonsters, what we did to prep for the fundraising campaign, what we’ve learned from it, and what advice we’d give to others.


Go Fund This Podcast with The Nerd’s Domain

Matt from The Nerd’s Domain got the chance to talk to MajiMonsters developers Jon and Dan. We discussed our plans for a zombie apocalypse, how Late Knight Games has celebrated each new Pokemon title, and the ins and outs of the lore of MajiMonsters and our process creating the game. Matt’s also a backer, thanks Matt!


RPG Gamer Interview

Late Knight Games had an opportunity to talk with Kell from RPG Gamer about the the upcoming game. We discussed coming full circle with how role-playing games and video game influence each other, our plans for the future of MajiMonsters, and what we’d do if it became wildly successful.


Behind the Dice Podcast with Dice & Stuff

Adam from Dice and Stuff talks to MajiMonsters developer Jon about the process of creating a role-playing game, his journey through the gaming world and memorable moments.


Game Enthus Podcast

Tiny, Mike, and Aaron from Game Enthus sit down with Jon to discuss the local convention circuit, MajiMonsters, college life, and a whole host of topics in between! Tiny is also a backer, thanks Tiny!


CPPN Podcast

Late Knight Games developers Jon and Dan enjoy talking to Jim from Creative Play and Podcast Network about the setting for MajiMonsters, what makes a great game engaging, and finding a family-friendly tabletop RPG.  Jim’s also a backer, thanks Jim!