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Dan may enjoy sneaky tricks and battlefield control, but I’ve always been more straightforward in my approach to combat.  Forget dancing around the battlefield and having a contingency plan for any situation, give me ramming speedRampage, one of the newest additions to the MajiMonsters Bestiary, gives me everything I want in a monster and then some.  This creature holds a special place in my heart for two reasons.  First, this Monster is one of my creations.  Second is the visual associated with its trait, Alternate Form.  This trait allows a monster to adopt an appearance that is completely different from its standard form.  In this case, Rampage can assume the appearance of a mundane sheep.  But imagine the surprise of rivals when the mild mannered ewe turns into a bipedal monster, intent on their destruction.

Looking at it attributes, you may get the impression that Rampage is a one trick pony.  With an average  Speed, below average defenses and Magic, and very high Strike and Brawn, you may assume that your only option is to create a melee beat stick.  Well, yeah.  That’s kind of the point.  In my mind, Rampage is best used for shock and awe.

Rampage Stats

Given the option, here is how my version of this powerhouse should be used and leveled.  Use Enrage at the start of any battle; your defense is low and you are already likely to get hit, so why not take the bonus to Brawn as well?  Trample allows for combat mobility and should be your attack of choice because it has the highest maximum damage, and Vengeful Strike can be used to throw even more damage at your opponents as they attack you.

enrage trample

At level 2 pick up Shred, an attack that does 1d12 + Brawn damage, and make that your standard basic technique.  Focus your attribute increases into Health to start.  With a low Protection score that will only drop as you use Enrage, the extra hit points may buy you enough time to take out an opposing MajiMonster.

Grade 2 is where the excitement really starts when you have the option of learning Haymaker, a fantastic, albeit risky, technique.  Haymaker lowers your Protection but gives you the chance to disorient an enemy.  At this point, Rampage is almost sure to be hit by attackers so make sure to empower your attacks for a better chance to critically hit and limit your opponent’s options.  By the time they try to move away, Rampage is already setting up the kill and lining up its next victim.  Also consider dropping Trample in favor of Horrific Grimace.  After taking a hit, Rampage can frighten its attacker to prevent another attack from this monster for a turn.

haymaker horrific

The constant empowering strategy utilized by this build is best used by the concordant, whose extra attunement points that can be used instead of Grit. I’d also pair it with the knight to use with their Battle Bond ability.  Both of these either give or conserve Grit, and will allow for more empowered attacks.

While my strategy is very high risk, it is beautiful in its simplicity.  Charge headlong into the fray, and scare the opposing Monsters senseless with big damage; put them on the defensive and never let up on the assault!  While some may call you a mindless savage for employing this strategy, no tricky Monster can ignore the damage potential Rampage can generate!


The proverbial ram in sheep's clothing!

The proverbial ram in sheep’s clothing!