teaser strategy header image - BOMBSHELL

One of the new MajiMonsters we’re debuting in Playtest 2 is Bombshell – a small beetle-type Monster that carries volatile materials inside its bomb-like body. Its trait, Unstable: Explosion, causes it to explode for fire damage in a 10-ft radius if it’s critically hit and survives the damage! This makes Bombshell a threat on every combat round, forcing its opponents to keep their distance, or consider whether or not they really want to risk empowering their attacks against it.

To make things more fun, Bombshell comes complete with the Latch technique at level 1, letting it crawl right onto a larger MajiMonster. This not only gives it a benefit to attacking that creature, but ensures there’s a target in the blast radius if the little guy does explode.


Bombshell has very balanced stat-line, which means you can tweak this critter however you like. His technique list has some interesting melee and ranged options through Grade 2, and you’ll likely want to pick up at least 1 ranged or area attack for him, considering enemies will likely keep their distance.

Bombshell Stat Card

If I’m playing this guy, I putting my level 3 and level 7 attribute points into his Speed, just so he can always be in my opponent’s face. I’d drop Clobber for Burrow at level 2 (unless I’m running him on a scholar that can Theorycraft it) to ensure Bombshell can always get where he needs to go without worrying about difficult terrain. By Grade 2, my first priority is to pick up Short Fuse, one of the MajiMonster’s signature techniques. This turns Bombshell into a menace, even against ranged attackers, letting him forgo an attack during his turn to make a retributive strike against an opponent that hits him later in the round. With that set up, I can direct Bombshell 35 feet into the battlefield, and set up Short Fuse if I’m still not close enough to land an attack.

short fuse

Ideally, I’m running Bombshell under a knight, as a straight forward melee combat threat. The extra Grit will be useful for bracing against damage –  I WANT to trigger that explosion so badly, but you can’t forget the cost is taking damage. He’d also be great under an alchemist to get some different techniques on him, one of the things he’s lacking is a wider selection of fury affinity techniques he can get his affinity bonus with.

Overall, I think my favorite thing about this build is the concept – a small beetle skittering into battle, ready to explode! Here’s hoping you guys like Bombshell as well.

Happy binding!