Effdien – Hungry for Battle!

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Big fuzzy eyebrows? Check. Chef’s hat? Check. Oversized tongue, fork, and knife? Check, check, and check. I’m happy to reveal a fast favorite new Monster, which is all mouth, stomache, and attitude. Effdien is likely the oddest MajiMonster you’ve seen so far, but the hungry little guy has a special place in my heart.

During our Kickstarter campaign to fund MajiMonsters, we offered backer tiers that allowed supporters to create a MajiMonster that would be included in the Core Rulebook. Effdien is such a Monster, although he wasn’t purchased by one enthusiastic supporter, but many.

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Spiricoot – Phenomenal, Cosmic Power (Itty Bitty Monster!)

All in all, Spiricoot is a nasty Discipline Tank, making life incredibly difficult for monsters like Warlakra and keeping his friendly Thunderhorn or Rampage from having to take the brunt of a slew of mystical attacks.

Owler – Out of Combat Utility, Too!

A perfect match for the well-traveled ranger, Owler can scout ahead, take an aerial view, and even light the way on an adventure.

Amphiboil – A Scoundrel’s Best Friend

With great Strike and Magic attributes and decent Brawn and Talent, Amphiboil can be built in any direction, and most of this Monster's techniques have conditional effects they can apply to its target. That gives you a ton of flexibility.

Oboa – Lock Down Specialist!

While Dan is a fan of running around exploding, and James enjoys his one trick pony, I prefer the art of locking down opponent Monsters. Oboa is the perfect MajiMonster to lock down those tough enemies.

Rampage – Melee Mayhem

Dan may enjoy sneaky tricks and battlefield control, but I’ve always been more straightforward in my approach to combat. Forget dancing around the battlefield and having a contingency plan for any situation, give me ramming speed!

Bombshell – Tiny, Explosive Fun!

One of the new MajiMonsters we’re debuting in Playtest 2 is Bombshell – a small beetle-type Monster that carries volatile materials inside its bomb-like body.

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