Late Knight Games, LLC. is a company of friends who grew up playing video games and tabletop role-playing games together. When we wanted to play a game that didn’t exist, we took it upon ourselves to make it. Since 2012, MajiMonsters has existed in our hearts and minds, on our homemade character sheets, gaming mats, and character tokens.

Now it’s time to share it with the world.

Meet the Knights!

Sample Picture Jon

Jon went to college looking to learn how to become a psychiatrist. Instead he learned how to play Dungeons and Dragons. After changing his major a few times, earning a few degrees and changing careers once or twice, the only thing that stayed the same was his love of games and the friends he made playing them. Jon enjoys most RPGs, Magic the Gathering, and the very under appreciated Dragon Dice. While Jon doesn’t make his own games like Dan, he’s always looking for ways to improve existing games, often remarking, “if we were playing my way, you’d be winning.” Jon currently works as nuclear medicine technologist, a career that can best be described by his wife as “injecting radioactive chemicals into people, and taking pictures of what happens.”

Sample Picture Dan

Dan’s been making games ever since he’s been able to play them, and is happy to be a part of the Late Knight team. He’s a self-professed nerd, and has done his fair share of tabletop gaming. His favorite games include Dungeons & Dragons, Spycraft, Tales from the Floating Vagabond, Warmachine and Magic: The Gathering. When he’s not busy doing nerdy stuff or working on MajiMonsters, Dan works as a full-time graphic designer and illustrator. He spends his free time reading his way through Westeros and Discworld, running the track behind his house, playing Minecraft or Pokémon, and watching football (GO RAVENS!)

Sample Picture Sandi

After finding out in freshman year that her institution of higher learning didn’t have its own role-playing club, Sandi started one herself, and this is how she met these awesome guys. And, years later, she’s still hanging out with them! Now an English instructor by trade, Sandi has always been drawn to stories. She loves the narrative freedom and folklore element to tabletop gaming. While she’s competitive to a fault (don’t challenge her in Monopoly!), she also enjoys the collaborative nature of gaming, attributing to it the solidifying of her closest friendships.

Sample Picture Stewart

Besides playing video games growing up, Stewart’s first non-electronic game was Magic the Gathering. Ice Age had just come out, and his older brother got him addicted. Being so much younger than his brother, he never was invited to play Dungeons and Dragons, so when the opportunity arose in college he joined his roommate Jon into meeting this gaming group he knew, so Stewart entered the magical world of D&D. At this point 3rd edition had come out, and Stewart took a trip to the local comic book store, and bought the necessary books, dice, and dice bag. After coming home and trying to explain THACO no longer existed and armor class didn’t have a max, Stewart was finally a bigger nerd than his oldest brother. While he dabbled in some other games (spending way too much money) on Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, D&D 3.5, D&D 4.0, and various others, Stewart has settled on Pathfinder, and of course MajiMonsters. In his spare time, Stewart works as an analyst crunching numbers and putting paper in binders. If there’s one thing he’s glad he did in college, it’s taking a chance to go to some “gaming group” and making life long friends.

Sample Picture James

Whether saving a princess or making life difficult for everyone at Hu Lao Gate, James can usually be found with a controller in his hand and a verbal barb ready to fire. Well aware that he has anger issues, mostly that he can never quite get angry enough, James chooses to channel his bottomless font of rage at humanity into games to avoid legal issues. Whether calling down hellfire in the latest raid, annihilating the competition with his patented mono-red burn deck, or critically hitting three goons with a speedboat, he is never far from the mayhem. During his days spent working as a functional analyst, he often wonders how he can cause more damage in any situation he is in; fire is usually the answer, but a well timed use of a Celine Dion album works too.