Teaser Header Oboa

While Dan is a fan of running around exploding, and James enjoys his one trick pony, I prefer the art of locking down opponent Monsters. Oboa is the perfect MajiMonster to lock down those tough enemies.

I would begin combat by positioning Oboa within 30′ of my target and using Lullaby, putting the opponent to sleep. This is a great way to force whomever I’m facing to decide on whether or not they should use Grit to break free from Lullaby’s Hard sleeping condition! Whenever the enemy wakes up, simply reuse Lullaby to force them back to sleep. While they’re out, you can focus on tougher targets, preferably with a delicious  area technique like Shout, which Oboa gets its affinity bonus to. By combining Oboa with a scoundrel and Any Means Necessary, you’ll be triggering Shout’s frighten effect on a 5+, which means you can keep Oboa safe just by having your enemies fast asleep or too afraid to attack it!

lullaby shout

When Oboa levels into Grade 2, I would invest my attribute points in Strike and choose Venomous Bite as my level 5 technique, replacing Tail Strike. The overal goal is to stack multiple effects on opposing monsters, and prevent them from dealing damage to you. Oboa should also use Intimidating Gaze often to reduce damage against melee attacks that use Brawn.

venomous bite intimidating gaze

Oboa’s calculating trait is going to help with any effects that are on Oboa making it quite defensive without having overly high defensive stats.

oboa stats

This strategy will be very frustrating for enemies in certain types of fights, especially encounters against a single MajiMonster. While Oboa doesn’t have the punch of Rampage or the battlefield control of Bombshell, it’s deceptively efficient at locking down enemies and forcing opponents to use Grit in order to act.

The GM may hate you, but at the end of the day, you’ve won.