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Unlike the rest of the crew, I chose a MajiMonster with versatility outside of the battlefield. A perfect match for the well-traveled ranger, Owler can scout ahead, take an aerial view, and even light the way on an adventure. Though the techniques list a specific combat effect, these effects can also can have a bearing on gameplay as well, which makes Owler a great utility choice!

First off, Owler has two amazing traits: Natural Flight and Panoptic. Everybody knows what natural flight is, and how much of an advantage it can be to soar high above the action, but the game implications are massive. When a GM has your party traveling through difficult or impassible terrain, who knows what lies ahead? Owler does! 

Owler stats

With a small size and similarly small Brawn, Owler may not be able to carry a binder, but it could carry small objects such as messages to players on opposite sides of a yawning chasm, fetch magical objects in impossible-to-reach places, and easily travel over water, lava, quicksand and any other difficult terrain. In teaming up with another binder, the Owler could conceivably carry another small or tiny MajiMonster such as a Bombshell – and then you better watch out, because bomb’s away

When battling a grounded foe, the Owler has an instant place of refuge: the open sky. But beyond flight, the Owler’s panoptic trait is reflected in its ability to swivel its head 360 degrees and that means that it can always watch its own back!

In terms of techniques, Heightened Senses makes Owler a particularly responsive MajiMonster, and even more of an aide to the observant ranger. As Owler goes up in level and Grade, I would have let it learn Illuminate in order to see at night, and spend attribute points to enhance its already strong Speed and Protection. 

heightened senses

When reaching grade 2, Owler can gain Lightning Spear, which has a damage die of a d12, nothing to sniff at! And, paired with its fancy flying moves and heightened senses means that Owler may not strike often, but when it does, it strikes hard. 

lightning spear illuminate

Owler isn’t a combat machine, but he is the perfect scout! Go Owler!