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Spiricoot is awesome for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its stellar Discipline score. Add to that a high Magic stat and above average Speed and you have a Monster that is a nightmare for other Magic specialists to deal with. Spiricoot is more than able to run interference for allies vulnerable to Magic attacks, as well as buffing allies to increase their own.

For the first bonus attribute point, pump Spiricoot’s Discipline up to a 13. That means enemies that utilize Magic attacks will be forced to spend Grit just to hit him, leaving them unable to spend the Grit to empower damage or activate conditions. It’s probably not a bad idea to look into increase his Health sooner than later, a score of 3 means he could certainly use the hit points! Be sure not to let a bruiser like Rampage or Stalagmaul catch Spiricoot, or he will suffer badly with such few hit points and low defenses.

Spiricoot stats

Spiricoot works best with under a knight or concordant, as his initial power truly shines when he has the Grit to use. Early on, Spiricoot relies on Maji Bolt to deal damage, and it’s worth it to use a point of Grit to make four attack rolls instead of one. The damage isn’t great for one bolt, but when all four hit it really packs a wallop. That, and each bolt can be empowered to hit and damage separately, and each one can critically hit!

maji bolt

When Spiricoot reaches grade 2, swap Tail Strike for Moonbeam and really focus fire on a single enemy for a good bit of damage. This allows Spiricoot to conserve Grit when only one enemy is around and then utilize Maji Bolt against multiple weaker monsters if they are present. For some utility, use Sigil of Denial to seal an enemy monster’s biggest or most frustrating attacks. Also consider Illuminate to grant allies +1 Talent (or pester an ally to teach their MajiMonsters the technique, so Spiricoot can gain another Maji Bolt attack while under its effect!) Finally, if status effects are presenting a problem, grab Purify later on, allowing Spiricoot to remove those nasty bleeding and poisoned conditions with minimal damage to him.

purify sigil

All in all, Spiricoot is a nasty Discipline Tank, and one capable little MajiMonster. While not a true tank, Spiricoot still shines as a defensive Monster on the battlefield, forcing enemies to deal with him instead of ignoring him for easier targets. 


Spiricoot - BIG POTENTIAL. Small Monster.

Spiricoot – BIG POTENTIAL. Small Monster.